My Reflection

My Reflection

I have always loved writing and reading, but in this course I could only use UC’s online library for my sources and that was hard for me. One of my weakness was being able use to a mixture of books and online source, and by online I mean using Google. So I had to dig very hard to find my sources because with Google you can type in the question you have and find endless information but that’s because more than half of the results Google brings up are not scholarly sources. And for this course as well as previous courses the sources have to be creditable. But I don’t think that is a weakness anymore as a writer. I think my strength in writing is that I love to write I have been keeping a journal ever since I could remember, I have 10 now and I still write in one today. Writing comes easily to me. I even write short stories.

In my WordPress eportfolio I addressed both my weakness and strength. two things that were a part of my life. Which were my major and my Lupus. I had to make sure that I went to the library as well ask the teacher if my sources were okay, and went I was took on getting more information I would have to reach out to the library. Another great way I overcame my weakness was by going to the writing lab. In the writing lab I was able to make sure my sources were citated the correct way.

The writing that I did in this course fit into other academic writing because I now know that in some courses and soon to become all courses, I will have to use more of UC’s online library and because of this semester course I kind of know my way around the online library. So when I have a history paper due or English paper due I will probably start in the UC’s online library.

This whole course was not completely new to me, I had to write papers were we had to use online sources but not just UC’s online library. I uses google scholarly sources and I was okay. Writing about our major was not new to me at all I completely hated the idea in my previous class but the difference was that I had to write about how my major related to food. This course however gave me some lead way as to what ideas I could use related to my major. So I loved the way we had to use our major as the base for this course.

From here my writing can only improve. But in a way I still have to adjust when doing research for school I’ll be limited to online sources.  I also really like WordPress because it gave me as a writer a sense of publishing my own work and I could customize my own background and it made me feel like a published writer. So using WordPress I have two other blogs apart from my one for this course. One is about the books that I read and the other is somewhat picture based about the little things in life that make me happy.

As a writer I think I’ll always be able to form my own opinion in words probably better than I can say them but with writing I can always improve and being a writer doing research I think will become very easy to me. I will also try to keep a balance between writing on my blogs as well as pen and paper. One thing that will never change is that I will always write.


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